Debt Recovery and Management
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Octus Business Solutions SA is a unique billing and debt recovery consulting firm operating throughout the country.

We have three specialized areas so that we can be the ideal link between you and your client, credit managers, financial and legal advisors.

We view our relationships with our clients as partnerships therefore we try to recover their outstanding balances as efficiently as possible while respecting the rights and dignity of the debtors.


  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Positivity
  • Humility
  • Commitment
  • Ethics
  • Transparency


To becoming the market leader in debt collection.


To act as an extension of our clients by aligning our management model with thiers, developing better bad debt management soulions and establishing loyal and lasting relationships through excellent customer service. To contribute positively to the Mozambican economy by bringing the gap between the interests of the debtor and financier and improving their relationships, rehabilitating the bad debtors into the economy and ensure a win win solution through quality service and result oriented management. Continously providing a pleasant working environment for our employees.


Collection (Extrajudicial and Judicial)

For non-legal collection, we contact the debtor and pursuade them to agree on how they plan to settle the outstanding amounts. These types collections are friendly, with no lawyers involved. However, legal collection only takes place when the non-legal collection fails. It happens when we are unable to make a deal with the debtor and therefore we take legal actions until all debt is paid. When these kind of actions take place, the measures taken are: seek court judgement, issuance of summons, execution and auctioning of recovered items. In this case, we work with our lawyers and who work according to the standards established by law – all actions are taken in line with the legal environment of the country.
Credit Analysis

We assess the repayment ability of the borrower, as well as, the inherent risks of granting credit. This procedure is carried out to identify creditor with high risk to our client.
Insolvency services

Bankruptcy proceedings are usually long and complex. That is why insolvency services are needed to allow outsourcing the represetation, follow up and recovering process when the client has been declared bankrupt. Our legal teams will make sure the insolvency process is benefitial and that the best method is chosen. Throughout the whole process Octus will keep you informed about the status of your request.

Why us?


Your company will only bear the costs, if the result is effective, otherwise the security returns to your company without any expense, along with a report detailing the reason for the return. Do not waste resources with doubt! Let us handle the whole process.


The procedure adopted in the recovery of liabilities is full of uncertainties. In addition to the risk of accidents from the constant displacements, in some instances, there is a risk of physical injuries to the negotiators due to the fact that in certain cases we deal with people in situations of despair. Our professionals are trained in order to be prepared to deal with all types of risk situations while also preserving the good name of the client for whom we provide our services.


Save time and increase your profitability by redirecting the full potential available to capture and maintain your customer base, thereby generating new business opportunities and ensuring sustainable growth.

Our Team

Executive Board

Fungisai Ngorima
Fungisai Ngorima
Chief Executive Officer
Fungisai has a degree in Business Studies from the University of Zimbabwe, the Management Development Program of the University of South Africa and the Empretec Developer Development Program. Mr. Fungisai is one of the funders of Octus Solutions and serves as Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company. He also serves as Managing Director of the South African Group Anchor Money Corporation Limited and the Managing Director of Premier Corporation of Human Capital South Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe). Founder and promoter of the Anchor Investment Bank Limited project to finance Small and Medium Enterprises in Zimbabwe.
Celso Poio
Celso Poio
General Manager
Graduated in Accounting and Auditing from the Higher Institute of Accounting and Auditing of Mozambique. Member of the Chamber of Commerce Mozambique - USA. He is the co-founder and current General Manager of Octus Business Solutions, SA. He also acts as a Business Development Consultant and as an Investment Manager. He previously worked in the credit control department as a Collection Officer at Vodacom Mozambique and in Banco Oportunidade de Moçambique as an assistant in the Credit Department.
Luís Namburete
Luís Namburete
Collection Manager
He graduated from Eduardo Mondlane University and currently works as a Credit Recovery Manager at Octus Solutions. Previously, he worked at Barclays Bank Mozambique as Collection Supervisor and also at Vodacom Mozambique. He worked there firstly as a team Leader at the Customer Line and then lastly as a Corporate Credit Recovery Officer.


Legal Acessory:
One Advice – Private Management
Telephone: +258 21 321 806
Millenium Park Building, Vladimir Lenine Avenue, 174 - 13th Floor,
Maputo – Moçambique
Human Resources Management:
Premier Human Capital Corporation Limitada
Telephone: +258 21 321 806
Millenium Park Building, Vladimir Lenine Avenue, First Floor,
Maputo – Moçambique
Training and Technical Support:
New Integrated Credit Solutions (Pty) Limited – (South Africa)
Telephone: +27 12 432 5000
NICS Building, Arcadia Street,
Pretoria – South Africa


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Latest News

Mozambique's Prime rate drops to 27.5% in October
Mozambique's Prime rate drops to 27.5% in October
The new benchmark reference rate for Mozambique's financial market will decline from 27.75% to 27.5% in what is the first change since it debuted in June, the central bank said in a statement.
The Goverment estimates a 5.3% economic growth by 2018
The Goverment estimates a 5.3% economic growth by 2018
The forecast of economic growth made by the Government for the year 2018 is optimistic. They expect the national economy to grow 5.3% next year, up from 4.7% expected this year. During this years first extraordinary session, the Council of Ministers approved the proposed law of the Economic and Social Plan and the Budget for the coming year. The document will be submitted to Parliament for approval in nine days. By 2018, the government expects better economic growth than this year. In addition to internal factors, the estimate is based on the forecast of rising prices of goods in the international market. The government accounts showed that the prices remained high despite the declining inflation rate. Due to the suspension of donor support, the gap in the State Budget will be of 77.9 billion meticais. To close the deficit in the budget, the Government will resort to internal and external credit, as well as donations. The government expects the country's export value to reach $ 4.1 billion by 2018, from $ 3.4 billion this year.
Debt Recovery and Management

Octus Business Solutions SA is a unique billing and debt recovery consulting firm operating throughout the country.


Av. Vladimir Lenine, nº 174 Millennium Park Building, First Floor - Block B